04-10-2014 | Working Vacations

Innovation Patterns will be offline until April 14th for VIP trolling in Washington DC.


04-07-2014 | Men of Vision

"Reading List for Sustaining Civilization," by Brian Eno.

"On Poindexter's Failed Terrorism Futures Market," by Brian Merchant

"The BPD files: Political interrogations," PrivacySOS

"The GCHQ document also describes a practice called “credential harvesting,” which NBC described as an effort to “select journalists who could be used to spread information” that the government wants distributed. According to the NBC report, GCHQ agents would employ “electronic snooping to identify non-British journalists who would then be manipulated to feed information to the target of a covert campaign.” Then, “the journalist’s job would provide access to the targeted individual, perhaps for an interview.” Anonymous sources that NBC didn’t characterize claimed at the time that GCHQ had not employed the technique."

From the excellent essay "LOL WUT I HAVE ALL THESE DOX LOL," by Glenn Greenwald


04-05-2014 | A Bright Future

On Magic - Maria Warner

The Pirate Insurgency - Kevin Flaherty

Taking a Spoon to a Gunfight by David Maxwell

The Deep State Behind US Democracy - an interview with Peter Dale Scott


04-04-2014 | Hollow Bones

Gaby Breitenbach's Ritual Abuse Shelter Vice UK (???)

The Dark Side of Antioxidants by Kas Thomas

The Five Kinds of Nanotechnology by Eric Drexler

"It's not merely logical to expect that numerous classified aircraft programs exist: it's almost a necessity under the principle of Occam's Razor, because if they don't, you have to contrive some sort of explanation for what Area 51 has been up to all these years." -- Aviation Week