09-26-2016 | Cold Snap

Palo Alto, Wednesday 21 May 1980.

Bad sleep, shaken by allergies: everything is always blooming here. There is a hedge of rosebushes along our fence, and jasmine at the corner. Over lunch with Hal Puthoff at SRI, I told him I no longer believed our government had an ongoing UFO project. He has reached similar conclusions. I added I had no intention to be used by the Intelligence folks. The more I got to know them, the more I have the feeling they play stupid games. "No," Hal replied, "but as soon as they get promoted they only respond to political signals."

"That's the same thing as playing stupid games," I said. "I can't afford to share UFO data with them -- what if happened to expose some of their own games?"

"We have the same problem," Hal said. "Our successes with remote viewing are a threat to the satellite folks. Some big budget organizations want to shut us down, so they spread false rumors about us. Even the White House is having trouble finding out the truth. In our war game simulation we succeeded in pinpointing the position of MX missiles in one of the 10 hidden silos on a random basis. We did it 12 times in a row, no misses -- a result with odds of one in a trillion! But the budget for the projected MX is 55 billion dollars. How can we fight against that?"

--Vallee, Forbidden Science Volume Three

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