11-11-2011 | Best of #Occupy

#Occupy Wall Street | Innovation Patterns

TACTICAL | On the "How":

The Real Threat to #Occupy is the Boredom of Consensus - Michael Albert

#Occupy Wall Street and New Models of Social Engineering - Chris Arkenberg

How the Occupy Movement is Dealing With the Homeless - KomoNews

A Prehistory of the #Occupy Movement - AmpedStatus

An Even More Comprehensive History of #Occupy - Public Secrets

Monumental: The Desktop Regulatory State: The Countervailing Power of Superempowered Individuals - Kevin Carson

Chaos Theory and Nonviolence: A trainer's report on WTO, IMF and World Bank protests - Betsy Raasch-Gilman

The Principle of Non-Contradiction - Lawrence Lessig

The China - #Occupy Connection - The Atlantic

What 'Diversity of Tactics' Really Means for #Occupy Wall Street - Nathan Schneider

The Darknet Plan: Netroots Activists Dream of a Global Mesh Network - Ars Tech

10 Things Christians Should Know (and Do) About the "Occupy" Protests - Pantheos

#Occupy and America's Growing Anti-Intellectualism - Al-Jazeera

The Triple Revolution Memorandum - Wikipedia

FACTUAL | On the "Why":

How the Banks CDO Self-Dealing Amplified the Financial Crisis - ProPublica

Net Worth of Congress up 25% in Two Years - Roll Call

#Occupy Wall Street and War Against the Poor - Mother Jones

50% of All Workers Made Less Than $26,000 in 2010 - The Atlantic

Stunningly Detailed Rundown on Debt as Money - George Washington

Death LULZ: Wall Street Has Earned More in 2 1/2 Years of Barack Obama Than They Did in 8 Years of George W. Bush - WaPo

"Life After Debt" - Why Was This Government Report Kept Secret? - NPR

Hibernian Express: $300 million and 3,741 miles for 6 Milliseconds of HFT - Telegraph

"Permanent Underclass" - Most US Unemployed No Longer Receive Benefits - AP

Who Contributed to the Financial Crisis -- And Where Are They Now? - ProPublica Investigation

Why Are the Big Banks Getting Off? - Glenn Greenwald

The End of the Wall Street Boom - Michael Lewis

Out of Control: The Destructive Power of Financial Markets - Der Speigel

2006: Complicity and Advance Knowledge in the US Intelligence Community - Businessweek

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