6-10-2012 | The Governing Class

So long as Government exists at all, a governing class is inevitable. English history is full of the chameleon qualities of the rich. How quickly the feudal Baron is metamorphosed into the landed aristocrat, and the landed aristocrat into the mine owner and the railway director. We find often the same family names cast for these varied parts across the centuries. And these people will control the new bureaucracy. They know which way the wind is blowing, and they are preparing for the change of direction.” -- Oliver Brett

The Foundations and American Power - Joan Roelofs

Ford Country: Building an Elite for Indonesia - David Ransom

The Ideology of Philanthropy - Michael Barker

The Sociobiology of the New World Order - Star Larvae

The Real War: 1939-1945 - Paul Fussell (RIP)

Iron Law of Oligarchy - WKPD

Polybius and Anacyclosis - WKPD

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