6-8-2012 | James Shapiro on Evolution

James A. Shapiro - Revisiting evolution in the 21st Century from Robin Brandt on Vimeo.

This is monumentally good. I have watched it three times for the sake of thorough notes and I'm grateful I found it.

Major Points:

The focus in biology has changed from mechanics to informatics. Cells are sensitive and communicative information-processing entities.

Cell generated hereditary innovation is the source of new features in evolution.

Genome change is a cell-regulated process, not a series of accidents. (Genome as RW, not ROM, memory system.)

The DNA record tells us that major steps in genome evolution have involved rapid genome-wide changes.

We know of rapid molecular processes that allow us to think scientifically about complex evolutionary events - particularly about the rapid evolution of genomic circuits and multi-component adaptations.

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