7-28-2012 | Summer Schedules & Dog Days

...and we're back. Weekly schedule this time. Jaguars instead of tigers. Less interest in "the news" than ever before. Let us commence:

A Desert Beyond Fear -- Jana Richman

One of the single most bizarre articles I've read in 2012 so far -- Big thanks to @drunk_economist for the heads-up on this 90's vintage DISCOVER magazine piece

On the New Legal Principle that Classified Information is Contagious -- ProPublica

Random Apartment Inspection Busts NYPD "Terrorism" Operation - Dissenter

The Utility of Assassination - STRATFOR (hey, why not?)

The Moral Degeneration of US Spy Winston Scott - Spartacus Educational

The Rise of the Super-Secretive "Family Office" Funds - NYT Dealbook

Capitalism's "Sacrifice Zones" - Bill Moyers interviews Chris Hedges

The Brainsturbator 2011 Reading List - BRNSTRBTR

The Plot that Killed Ghandi - Consortium

[PDF] "A Model for When Disclosure Helps Security -- Peter P. Swire

The Entertaining Horseshit Testimony of Sam Israel - NYMAG

5GWTF: The Post-Everything Future of War - Skilluminati Research

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