01-15-2013 | Henry "Scoop" Jackson

Innovation Patterns | Henry Scoop Jackson

Henry "Scoop" Jackson, 1912 - 1983 History Commons and Wiki.

Henry M. Jackson, 1912 - 1983 - Kit Oldham. Without question, the best written biography available.

The Road to Baghdad was Paved by Scoop - Seattle PI. This is about as plausible as blaming Leo Strauss for the Bush Administration or George Soros for Barack Obama, as far as the thesis goes. Still, this was well-researched and full of revealing details.

Scoop's Proteges are Molding Bush Admin Policy - Seattle Times. That's more like it. Not all editors are hysterical Philistines. Behold the Trinity: Perle, Feith and Abrams.

Jackson's Spirit Guides Bush - The Guardian. You can see the left wing narrative emerging now, right?

The Henry Jackson Society - Sourcewatch

The Henry Jackson Society: Would-Be Fascist World Rule - EIR

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