01-17-2013 | Business Edition III

Innovation Patterns | Nation of Lab Rats

Novel Business Models:

The Private Bank of Denny Ray Hardin - SPECTRE

Private Prisons Partnering with Dominant Gangs to Save Money and Control Violence - Adam Peck

Credit Card Cloning Ring Built on Sexual Blackmail - CCA

Changes to the Fitness Landscape:

Large Cash Transactions Banned in Mexico - Forbes

The World in 2030 - Project Syndicate

40% of Americans Have Less than $500 in Savings - CBS Philly. Note that this is extrapolated from a survey, rather than being strictly "true."

Strange Things Brewing in DC:

Growth Forecast Errors and Fiscal Multipliers [PDF] - Olivier Blanchard & Daniel Leigh, IMF Working Paper

The Chicago Plan Revisited [PDF] - Jaromir Benes & Michael Kumhof, IMF Working Paper

The Nonbank-Bank Nexus and the Shadow Market - Zoltan Poszar & Manmohan Singh, IMF Working Paper

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