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"Confusion. Uncertainty. Markets don't like uncertainty. Markets like, actually...totalitarian governments where you have a understanding of what's out there ... democracies are very messy." - Larry Fink

I've grown to admire men like Paul Singer or Bill Gross because they are at least honest and upfront about their opinions and motivations, whereas men like Bono and Al Gore make way less money with way more lies and leave the same wake of cracker destruction everywhere they go. Bear in mind, I'm stupid by any measurement that matters, I just write pretty. I've made many of the same mistakes anyone at Langley has, they just happened to have a bigger budget and broader scale.

I read a lot of Tom Metzger and Julius Evola. I've owned copies of both editions of Adam "LOOK AT ME" Parfrey's "Apocalypse Culture" books, too -- if your rebellious kids ever think they're hard or dark, buy them this & thank me later. I also keep linking to Better World Books even though they're giving money to those Invisible Children weirdos: so long as they're teaching people to read, I give few fucks if the textbook is a Bible. You know why? Because a majority of the hardest-working, smartest activists I've known were deeply religious - mostly Christian and often Buddhist.

I'm not very concerned about my beliefs and boundaries these days because the past year has been a continuous lesson in Being Wrong, wrong about everything type wrong. All of my assumptions have been counterproductive...the cynical and the trusting, the optimistic and the depressed, and especially all those magic moments when I thought I was really thinking.

So at this point, nothing worries me more than life making sense again. Few fates concern me like having some genius flash of insight that grows into a Theory of Everything infection I can't get rid of.

On that note, February is about UFOs and economics. Both are subjects I've been interested in for most of my life, and both are subjects I know know essentially nothing about.

Thank you for reading.

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