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Out There pg 79: "Colonel Phillips was hoping to recruit agents who would be sympathetic to the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and he knew he would find believers in the Dundee Society, an elite, almost fraternal group of career officers within the NSA. It functioned as a secret society within a secret - arguably the nation's most secret - organization. And it was also a group that from its inception had proselytized within the NSA that flying saucers had, most probably, already visited Earth.

The founder of the Dundee Society was Lambros Demetrios Callimahos, flutist, linguist, cryptologist, the author of perhaps more classified monographs and books than any other non-nuclear thinker, and generally a man who was, thanks in no small part to his own elaborate efforts, the stuff of legends. He would preside over meetings of the Dundee Society resplendent in a fitted beige Nehru jacket, white trousers woven from the hair of virgin llamas, and matching white shoes...

The meetings of the Dundee Society were free-wheeling discussion groups, the subjects ranging from cryptology to Kantian philosophy to animal rights. One of the most frequent subjects of debate, however, was inspired by a classified paper the society's founder had written. Entitled "UFO Hypothesis and Survival Questions," and written for restricted intra-agency distribution nine years before his death in 1977, this seven-page Socratic discussion of the issue was, by shrewd design, determinedly argumentative..."

3. All UFOs Are Natural Phenomena.

If this hypothesis is correct, the capability of air warning systems to correctly diagnose an attack situation is open to serious question.

A. Many UFOs have been reported by trained military observers to behave like high speed, high performance, high altitude rockets or aircraft. The apparent solidity and craft-like shape of the objects have often been subject to radar confirmation. If such reports can appear to trained military men as rockets or aircraft and if such objects should come over the Arctic from the direction of Russia on the United States, they could trigger 'false reports of missle attacks.'

B. Many responsible military officers have developed a mental 'blind spot' to objects which appear to have charachteristics of UFOs. Such an attitude is an open invitation to the enemy to build a replica of the phenomena in order to penetrate the 'hole' in his aversary's defenses...

C. Sometimes the phenomena appear to defy radar detection and to cause massive electromagnetic interference. Surely it is very important to discover the nature of these objects or plasmas before any prospective enemy can use their properties to build a device or system to circumvent or jam our air and space detection systems--Any nation certainly could use a system or device to penetrate enemy defenses.--Was this the purpose of the lense shaped reentry vehicle tested by the USAF in 1960?

4. Some UFOs Are Secret Earth Projects.

The above-referenced U.S. Air Force reenetry vehicle and an often publicized Canadian 'saucer' project leave little doubt as to the validity of this hypotheseis. Undoubtedly, all UFOs should be carefully scrutinized to ferret out such enemy (or 'friendly') projects. Otherwise a nation faces the very strong possibility of being intimidated by a new secret 'doomsday' weapon.

5. UFOs Are Related to Intra-terrestrial Intelligence.

According to some eminent scientists closely associated with the study of this phenomenon, this hypothesis cannot be disregarded. (The well documented sightings over Washington, D.C. in 1952 strongly support his view.) This hypothesis has a number of far-reaching human survival implications:

A. If 'they' discover you, it is an old but hardly invalid rule of thumb, 'they' are your technological superiors. Human history has shown us time and again the tragic results of a confrontation between a technologically superior civilization and a technologically inferior people. The 'inferior' is usually subject to physical conquest.

B. Often in the past, a technologically superior people are also possessors of a more virile or aggressive culture. In a confronttion between two peoples of significantly different culture levels, those having the inferior or less virile culture most often suffer a tragic loss of identity and are absorbed by the other people.

Out There pg 82: "...in the end, the Dundee Society won out. The National Security Agency, contrary to all its public statements, has since 1972 been secretly monitoring and often assessing worldwide allegations of UFO activity. For the past eighteen years, NSA listening posts throughout the world have operated under a standing order. It is mandatory to Flash-report Fort Meade on all intercepted foreign-intelligence signals intelligence that pertains to unidentified flying objects; and these installations are required to track and Flash-report on any signals or electronics intelligence that might have an extraterrestrial origin.

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