02-20-2013 | Evening Edition with Ked Toppel

"If we were truly able to both cause correlations and profit from it, we would be making infinite amounts of money, which we are not." -- Remco Lenterman, IMC

The Money Trail: How Telcoms and ISPs Feed the State Surveillance Machine - Antifascist

My ABRAXAS and TrapWire Saga - Tim Shorrock

Risk Management and the (Illusion of) Insurance - Automatic Earth (Stoneleigh)


  1. Somewhat offtopic - if you ever feel like getting more info about the culture and daily operations of a company or organzation, use glassdoor.

    For the NSA:
    " Pros – Interesting problem domain. Opportunities for travel. It's also very easy to leave work at work, so work/life balance is pretty good. Educational opportunities exist--go back to school if you can.

    Cons – Below-market compensation for high-tech careers. Slow advancement for everybody. No cost-of-living adjustments in 2011 or 2012. The federal political gridlock of the time is also eroding morale. Even in the suburbs, rent is pretty expensive. Hit-or-miss parking, depending on building.

    Advice to Senior Management – In general, try to avoid hit-and-run style management: swooping in on someone once or twice a year to inform them you didn't really need their project in the first place. This tends to breed alienation."
    Interview Questions:

    "How would you approach the problem of detecting anomalous data from say 1000 data points that are either (A) audio files, or (B) natural language text, or (C) any given data format/source.

    Indicate your experience with scalability technologies, including Hadoop / MapReduce.

    Which programming language are you best skilled in? How do you feel about software engineering?

    In the various projects that you have worked on, what size teams have you worked with?

    What are the sizes of some large datasets that you have worked with? "

  2. I have been digging through this resource off and on and it's amazing. I will be passing this on to several fiction writers I know as a solid gold shortcut, too -- for me, the fascination derives from the equity analysis work I've been doing lately, try to square earnings and liquidity with corporate culture...does nothing but confound my expectations.

    Always a promising sign there is Learning ahead. As always, thank you for enhancing the site with your contributions.