02-26-2013 | Business Plans

Pawnshop Sector Showing Explosive Growth - Credit Slips

Offshore Financial Centers: Not a Palm Tree in Sight - The Economist

Google's $60b Double Irish Dutch Sandwich - Bloomberg

"In a study last year three academics, led by Griffith University’s Mr Sharman, approached shell-company providers around the world posing as corrupt officials and money-launderers. They found that OECD countries were less compliant than tax havens with international standards on corporate transparency, that America was among the least compliant, and that Delaware was one of the worst states (with not a single fully compliant response). Investigators joke that Delaware stands for “Dollars and Euros Laundered And Washed At Reasonable Expense”. - "Global Shell Games" [PDF]

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    I remember there were articles about Panamanian international business corporations floating around several years ago, most of the offshore tax havens have rolled over on their American clients.

    It's hard to beat going domestic daug.

    Interpol has a good article on the Hawala System:

    Report on money laundering using cellphones and prepaid cards: