02-28-2013 | Month End

February: short, cold, pointless. Nonetheless, also extremely productive and educational, although 'tis wise to be wary in the Year of the Snake. Take your profits, celebrate your victories and get your books in order for the Long March. What follows is a selection of February's best brainfood...

The Mythology of Moore's Law - IEEE Spectrum

PDF: Global Risks 2013 - World Economic Forum

Why Employment in the US Isn't Coming Back -- CHS

The Class Domination Theory of Power - William Domhoff

The Myth of American Meritocracy - Ron Unz

Average Mutants - being a roundup of spectacular specimens of Kali Yuga adaptation

Neuroplasticity and the Enrichment of Weightlessness - Star Larvae

Kurt Bardella's Beltway Lessons - great Realpolitik from Darell Issa's hedge fund / spook aide Bardella

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