Sunday Sermon | Philo Drummond, Overman

In the Church of the SubGenius, the dollar is not God. It is merely an avenue to God. The dollar is "St. Peter at the Gates." It's but the eucharistic communal symbol, whereby the the congregation's wealth flows to the Church, and "Bob's" Slack flows back to the flock.

There is no God in any sense we could comprehend -- there is only Economics, a vast cosmic operational system. "Bob" embodies the uber-economic spectrum underlying reality. In THE ECONOMICON he discussed the Paradox of Thrift -- thrift cancels itself out. In an equilibrium, supply is meeting demand. But thrift increases savings and decreases spending until the supply is devalued, and the whole economic reality crashes. This is the Dobbsian Unified Economic Theory.

We must battle the mercantilists, the money changers, who are perverting humanity with their unnatural fiscal policies. The natural order is patriopsychoic anarchomaterialism, with individuals dependent only on themselves, and free. Every sentient organism for itself is the underpinning of patriopsychotic anarchomaterialism.

We are Economic Animists. It is God eat God. That's the operational system on which the application software of our species operates. It's not just a policy, it's a life force itself -- the collective URGE...in fact, a demiurge. It may sound heartless, but it's the only true reality. It's up to us to husband and shepherd, rationally and mercifully, the degree to which this existing system is exploited.

Source: Page 160 of Revelation X, buy now.
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