06-13-2013 | The Owls

The Dharma of Twin Peaks - The Worst Horse

Under the Sycamore Trees: The Magic & Mystery of Twin Peaks Part 1 | Part 2

Philipe Mora, Christopher Walken, and Communion - T. I. Griffith

Missing Time, A Cabin in the Woods, and Kary Mullis


  1. Ever play Deadly Premonition? It's a videogame based off of Twin Peaks and Silent Hill. A FBI agent and his imaginary friend go to a small town to investigate a murder. It is very low budget but became a cult classic.

  2. I have played "Duke Nuke Em" - the original original - Wolfenstien 3-D, and Myst.

    That is the entirety of my video game career.

    Appreciate the heads up on Deadly Premonition.