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Graham Hancock shared this article about how Facestalk reaches less and less of the people who actually liked your page in the first place. After years of being told by these shadow-state-complicit, tax-avoiding, child billionaires that we should be ‘more social’, that we should ‘be part of the conversation’ ... now the hand comes out. Gotta pay to play. If you want to reach the billion people helpfully updating their own NSA control files on their own time, it will cost you.

From A Technology With Amnesia - Rune Soup

The problem, if it exists at all in a simple form, is with the people, not their leaders. I am not at all convinced that I am smarter, or (given Barlow’s insights) better intentioned than Dick Cheney. We love to parody Cheney as the Father of Lies and the Master of Evil, but somebody has to do the hard thinking about bioweapons and structural power if democracy is to survive, and for about two generations it seems that person has been Dick Cheney. We cannot take power from these people unless we are ready, willing and able to replace them, and the public believes us.

From On the Practical Exercise of Power - Vinay Gupta

Now self-delusion in humans is very, very common. There are enumerable ways of you changing a thing and kidding yourself and making it look some other way. When you ask, ``Why didn't you do such and such,'' the person has a thousand alibis. If you look at the history of science, usually these days there are 10 people right there ready, and we pay off for the person who is there first. The other nine fellows say, ``Well, I had the idea but I didn't do it and so on and so on.'' There are so many alibis. Why weren't you first? Why didn't you do it right? Don't try an alibi. Don't try and kid yourself. You can tell other people all the alibis you want. I don't mind. But to yourself try to be honest.

From You and Your Research - Richard Hamming

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