05-04-2015 | Target Rich

Cops Need More Rights Than You, Citizen - Pope Hat

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On ISIS and Their Puppet Masters - Sic Semper Tyrannis

State Complicity and 43 Dead Students in Mexico - Ryan Deveraux - Part 2

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  1. These riots spawned unintentionally brilliant pieces from the Progressive media. The cities that have executed their policies for generations burn while they try to kick the losers of the cultural war while they are down. They double down on struggle sessions over comically trivial issues, guaranteeing that they alienate themselves from everyone including their core supporters. The mayor orders the police to stand down and let rioters loot and burn businesses (let's not act surprised when unemployment goes up even higher and reinvestment never comes).

    And the protestors, being eternally stigmatized and butthurt, are still pissed off at their progressive colleagues for coming down too hard on them. Though they are right to blame the leadership for failure, I don't think they realize or even care how systematic the failure has been. No one has time for that level of introspection when microagressions are keeping ya down.

    The right-wing in the US already had it's moment of self destructive insanity. Around the time Ted "gay prostitutes and meth" Haggard got outed I figured we had reached a maximum in America imitating Florida. Turns out it was merely a local maximum. The Progressive wing grew too confident in believing that they had solutions to problems that are intractable at the level they wanted to solve them, a failure on par with trying to make Afghanistan a democracy without a hint of irony. If only we believed more, if only we were less racist, if only we had more struggle sessions, everything would of magically worked out. Their hubris has brought us AmeriFlorida 2.0, now 20% more eco-friendly.

    I do agree. Those cities need to be burned down. And someone needs to go yell at gentry liberals while they are having lunch to remind them of their failure.