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"The first assumption is that states are the principal actors in international politics, and they operate in what is called an anarchic system.

Now when you use the word "anarchy," for most people that means murder and mayhem. That's not what it means in International Relations speak. Anarchy is simply an ordering principle that says that there is no higher authority that sits above states. It is the opposite of hierarchy. Anarchy means that states are like pool balls on a table."

Why John J. Mearsheimer is Right - Robert Kaplan

Underscoring the seriousness of these issues are the conclusions of retired Army Lt. Gen. John R. Vines, who was asked last year to review the method for tracking the Defense Department's most sensitive programs. Vines, who once commanded 145,000 troops in Iraq and is familiar with complex problems, was stunned by what he discovered.

"I'm not aware of any agency with the authority, responsibility or a process in place to coordinate all these interagency and commercial activities," he said in an interview. "The complexity of this system defies description."

Via: Washington Post

"All normal countries ruthlessly punish treason and traitors, and these terms are often expansively defined in the aftermath of a bitter war. Perhaps in a topsy-turvy Monty Python world, wartime traitors would be given medals, feted at the White House, and become national heroes, but any real-life country that allowed such insanity would surely be set on the road to oblivion. If Tokyo Rose’s wartime record had launched her on a successful American political career and nearly gave her the presidency, we would know for a fact that some cruel enemy had spiked our national water supply with LSD.

The political rise of Sen. John McCain leads me to suspect that in the 1970s some cruel enemy had spiked our national water supply with LSD."

Ron Unz, American Pravda: When Tokyo Rose Ran For President

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