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By the end of 1980, The Family of Love had grown to almost eight thousand members. Dispersed throughout the world in small homes, most disciples were isolated from the larger community. In many areas of the world, disciples were out of touch with the sense of unity, sacrificial cooperation, and missionary zeal characteristic of the early years.

In 1981, Father David initiated the "Fellowship Revolution." Homes were ordered to begin weekly fellowship meetings with others in their area.


The Fellowship Revolution was accompanied by a renewed insistence that as many disciples as possible leave North America and Europe and move to the south and the east. The move was necessary to avoid a coming nuclear disaster and to bring the proclamation of salvation through Jesus to as many people as possible before The End.

The introduction of video equipment was another significant aspect of the Fellowship Revolution. In 1980, the Music with Meaning (MWM) community in Greece recorded various aspects of their life and ministry and sent those videos to the World Services HQ. Father David, who had lived in seclusion for over ten years, was delighted to have this access to his "kids." He encouraged all the Homes to obtain video equipment and begin sharing a record of their lives with him and other homes. Videos functioned to break down the isolation and played a significant role in pulling The Family back together.

In keeping with his desire to explore fully the limits of sexual freedom, Father David requested that MWM and other homes make "Love Videos," which would involved musical background and: "Our beautiful women could dance in a very artistic and soft and loving way ... I don't mean a lot of porn ... just plain beautiful beauty and artistry the way God made you in your natural beauty." Numerous Love Videos were produced.

Father David soon also offered a suggestion that homes might film some romantic or erotic scenes between couples. Disciples responded by producing videos that depicted sex acts, usually men with women, but also women with women. These more explicit videos were sent to Father David and distributed among select Homes; most disciples were not involved.

By the mid 80's, the novelty had worn off, and The Family were becoming more sensitive to the possible negative effects of these videos. In April of 1984, World Services put heavy restrictions on who could order the dance videos. Within a few years, disciples were instructed to stop altogether and erase any recordings in their possession.

- James D. Chancellor, Life in the Family: An Oral History of the Children of God p. 12-14

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