01-08-2013 | Business Edition II

Innovation Patterns | How to Make a Billion Dollars

Analysis of CIA Protection of Drug Pipelines

A Word About Banks and the Laundering of Drug Money - Golem XVI

Black Dossier: HSBC and Terrorist Finance - Antifascist

Black Dossier 2: HSBC and the Global Drug Trade - Antifascist

Banks Financing Mexican Drug Cartels, Wells Fargo Admits - Bloomberg

DoD Contract: $10 Billion for "Drug War Air Force" for Afghanistan - Spencer Ackerman

DEA Agents Actively Launder Millions in Cartel Profits Every Year - NYT

How a Detroit Gang Got to Newcastle - Interesting history of the "innovation" of using underage dealers and the birth of modern US drug distribution gangs.

Is Money Tainting the Plasma Supply? - NYT

The Philanthropic Complex - Curtis White

How Corruption is Strangling Innovation - James Allworth

Good stuff: What Determines Cartel Success? [PDF] - Levenstein & Suslow. "Although difficult at times to uncover, cartels are far from rare."

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