01-19-2013 | What Should We Be Worried About?

Apologies for the brief Weekend Edition today -- clearly I need to up my QC procedures when I'm posting weeks in advance. Anyone out there doing semantic Mahalanobis-Taguchi plugins? Anyways, I spent a good chunk of last night in a hotel lobby reading through the Edge.org 2013 Question - What *Should* We Be Worried About?

Since there are 154 responses, I've curated a few of my favorites here:

Chinese Eugenics - Geoffrey Miller

The Anthropocebo Effect - Jennifer Jacquet

A World Without Growth - Satjajit Das

The Role Of Microorganisms In Cancer Is Being Ignored By The Current Sequencing Strategies - Azra Raza

Incompetent Systems - John Naughton

Global Greying - David Berreby

The Next Arms Race - Vernor Vinge

Guys Like Vernor Vinge - Bruce Sterling

We Won't Be Able to Understand Everything - Clifford Pickover

In closing, what I think we *should* be worried about is the fact that Arianna Huffington was asked to participate in the Edge.org 2013 Question. Dear John Brockton: let's not dilute a great thing with mere celebrities. Sincerely.

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