Weekend Edition 03

Innovation Patterns | Larry McDonald

Automatic Earth: Scale Matters - Stoneleigh

Narcos Own a $1b Stake in the US Economy - Borderland

Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq - Mother****er Jones

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  1. "Operating at a local scale to build local supply chains and resilience is far more compatible with the human psyche. At times when social organization has expanded to the point where it dwarfs individual actions, and may control them either directly or indirectly, individuals are disempowered by scale. Many feel they have no control over the critical factors of their own lives, which often leads to psychological disturbances such as depression, at present widely addressed with medication. Increasing scale can reduce both empowerment and civic engagement, as it fosters the perception that one can achieve nothing through individual action.

    The increasing complexity that accompanies scaling up also occupies time, money and individual energies, leaving little in the way of personal resources to contribute to the public sphere."

    A friend of mine noticed something rather interesting, many of the top billboard songs are copying styles from the 80's or older, manufactured nostalgia. This is something Trendhunter also noticed, a preference for industrial style restaurant and Victorian stylings.

    Faux pessimism mixed with delicious egalitarianism.


    The 14 rules for predicting future geopolitical events